Your Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent will be your partner, friend, confidant and therapist throughout your transaction.   Choose wisely.   Take the time to interview and vet any agent you may wish to work with.    Ask friends for referrals and check with the other members of you home buying team.

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Your Mortgage Lender

The biggest single factor determining how well your transaction goes is your choice of mortgage lender.    It's not just about getting the lowest possible interest rate, it's about service.   It's having a mortgage partner that will guide you to the best mortgage product for you, advise you as to the best interest rate lock-in period, and who will answer your calls and questions throughout the entire process.

Ask for recommendations from friends, your real estate agent and your attorney.   As with every member of your team, interview your mortgage partner and make sure it is someone you can deal with, and put up with, for the duration of your purchase transaction.


Your Home Inspectors

Generally, your structural home inspector will also do the wood destroying insect inspection and the radon gas test.  In addition, I always recommend having a tank sweep performed to confirm there are no underground oil tanks.

If the home has a swimming pool or a septic system you should have specialized inspections for those items.

Based on the results of the structural inspection, you may wish to have further evaluations of the chimney or sewer lines and testing of possible asbestos or possible mold.

Choosing a Real Estate Attorney Attorney

Your choice of attorney can make a huge difference in how smoothly your transaction goes.  Below is information about how I handle my client’s real estate transactions.

  • Availability:  Unless I am in a closing, I am generally in the office and available to take your calls.  Unlike a general practice lawyer, I am not tied up in court for days or weeks at a time.
  • Timing:  I begin attorney review as soon as I receive your contract.  I make sure all contract deadlines (inspections, mortgage commitment, etc.) are met.
  • Cooperation:  I believe that real estate transactions move forward successfully when there is communication and cooperation.  I look for reasonable compromises, rather than litigation, to resolve issues.  I will communicate and cooperate with your entire real estate team (realtor, inspector, and mortgage lender).
  • Knowledge of real estate specific laws and practice: Real estate laws are constantly evolving.  I stay familiar with the laws that could apply to your transactions, such as the Bulk Sale tax rules, RESPA changes, Seller concessions, and methods for clearing title issues.
  • Preparation:  I order title searches and survey early in your transaction.  I do not wait for your mortgage commitment to be issued.  In the event there are any title problems, identifying the issues early will ensure that your closing date is not impacted.    I also provide a draft closing statement prior to closing so that there are no surprises at the closing table.
  • Flexibiliy: Things don’t always go exactly as planned.  If the mortgage funding is late, or there are walk-through issues, or anything else goes askew at closing, I will stick with you and do whatever it takes to get your transaction closed.

Title Searches & Property Survey

Your attorney will choose a title agency and property surveyor to perform the applicable due diligence investigations.

About me:

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