Costs to be Expected at Closing:


Buyer’s Closing Costs:

Mortgage lender expenses

Your closing costs may include origination points or discount points.  You can also expect an appraisal fee, a credit report fee, application fee, flood certification fee, underwriting fee, or any number of other fees.  It is important that you get a “good faith estimate of settlement charges” from the lender well in advance of closing so that you will know what to expect.


Most lenders insist on holding escrows for payment of property taxes and homeowner’s insurance.  You can usually expect the equivalent of two or three months of insurance and tax payments to be paid into the escrow account.

        Legal and Title Charges

Fees in this category will include the attorney fee, title insurance company charges, document preparation company charges and surveyor costs.

Recording Fees

You are responsible for paying the costs of recording certain documents in the official County records.  These include the Deed, the mortgage, a “notice of settlement” and, if applicable, Power of Attorney forms.


Mansion Tax

If you are paying $1 million or more for the home there is a 1% tax to the State.  This is applied to the entire purchase price, not just the amount over $1 million.


Tax and other municipal charge adjustments

All municipal charges will be adjusted at closing.  This will include property taxes, municipal sewer, municipal water and municipal garbage pickup, if applicable.  In addition, the lender may require that the property tax for upcoming quarter be paid at closing.

Next Steps...

Contact your mortgage lender for an estimate of closing costs for your purchase.